【NSFW】91.17kg⇨79.3kg 6ヶ月のリーンゲインズ結果(Redditより)






3 years since I started training, I’m finally at a level of leanness that I’m proud of (still could be leaner… but oh well.) Anyway, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.
Started this cut at 201 lbs on January 1st, 2014.
>Finished today at 175.6 (most likely finished… still debating cutting a bit more after a 10 day diet break while on vacation next week)
I’m 6′ tall.



Diet on Cut
I didn’t have exact macros. Instead, I logged my food on MFP, had a caloric target, hit at least 1g/lbm of protein every day, kept fat low on training days (~50g) and kept carbs low on rest days (~60g.) I made up the rest of my calories with carbs on training days and fats on rest days.


Training Days: 2700 (start of cut,) dropped down to 2500 by the end.

Rest Days: 1700 (start of cut,) dropped down to 1600 by the end.

I kept a rough eating window of 6-8 hours, starting around noon and ending around 8pm. Sometimes I would push my window later in the day, particularly on rest days, because I found waiting longer to eat was easier than fighting hunger/cravings later in the day when I had already eaten most of my calories. I typically did 2-3 meals, with the last one being protein fluff of some sort a few hours before bed.
I also did eat out and drink a good deal on this diet. I followed Martin’s advice for handling alcohol, and tried to make decent meal choices and only eat to satiety when not preparing my own food. I didn’t sweat it though, and found I made steady progress regardless.









I followed 31Minutes RPT routine to the T. I lost a little bit of strength in my Bench, but maintained or improved slightly on basically everything else. I wasn’t trying to push the weights up necessarily, but if I was hitting all my reps with ease, I would go up 2.5-5lbs (I have 1.25lb micro plates.) Keep in mind, on a cut, your goal is not to gain strength. If you do, fantastic, but I was thrilled to just maintain.


Bench: 255×5 (start) to 250×4 (now)

Leg Press: 750×8 (start) to 810×8 (now)

Deadlift (from a low rack, due to prior back problems:) 350×5 (start) to 350×5 (now)

OHP: 155×6 (start) to 150×5 (now)

Chins: BW+45×5 to BW+60×4 (now)

Other than that, I would walk briskly 45-60 minutes on my off days, mostly because I like getting out of the house, but I’m sure the little bit of extra calorie burn didn’t hurt.


31Minutes のRPTルーチンを寸分違わず実行した。ベンチに関しての筋力は若干落ちたが、他に関しては維持、又は強くなった。別に強くなろうと努力してたわけではないが、ちゃんとレップ数をこなせた場合、荷重を1.25kgから2.5kg増加させた。(0.5kgのマイクロプレートを持ってるんで)覚えておいて欲しいのが、カットってのは筋力アップの為にやるもんじゃないって事だ。筋力アップしたらそれは素晴らしいもんだが、俺は維持出来ているだけで満足だった。


ベンチプレス: 115kg x5 (start) ⇨ 113kg x4 (現在)

レッグプレス: 340kg x8 (start) ⇨ 367.4kg x8 (現在)

デッドリフト (元々の腰の問題を考慮して、低めのトップサイドをした) 158.7kg x5 (start) ⇨ 158.7kg x5 (現在)

オーバーヘッドプレス: 70.3kg x6 (start) ⇨ 68kg x5 (現在)

荷重チンアップ: +20kg x5 ⇨+27kg x4 (現在)



Caffeine, multivitamin, and some ZMA/Melatonin to help with sleep. I did recently add Yohimbine HCl (15mg 30-45 minutes before fasted LISS cardio a few times a week,) but I think it’s fucking up my sleep, so I’m going to cut that out. It’s possible, however, that my sleep issues are simply from dieting for so long, which is another reason I’m taking a substantial break to eat at maintenance.



What now?
I’m going to eat at maintenance this week, and then I am going on a family vacation, during which I will eat to satiety. When I get back from that, I start medical school, so I am a bit worried about how a cut will effect my mental performance. I might do another 4-6 weeks to try to get a tiny bit more fat off if I’m feeling good after the diet break, but not if I’m finding it interferes with my studies at all.

If I decide not to cut any more, I will slowly taper calories up to a nice slow bulk of 1-2lbs/month through the winter, before hopefully doing a nice short cut (maybe 12 weeks instead of 28?) in time for next summer. I will be sticking with 3x/week, but with a modified version Lyle’s Generic Bulking Routine (with RPT on the big lifts,) so that I hit each body part 3x every 2 weeks instead of just twice. I would like a tiny bit more training volume during the bulk so that I don’t leave any gains on the table… nothing too crazy though.




ソース:Finished Cut – 201-175 in 6 months (Warning, pics of dude in boxer briefs.)